Free LEGO Club Magazine Subscription

Free LEGO Club Magazine Subscription

Free LEGO Club Magazine Subscription – Get a Free 2-year subscription to LEGO Club Magazine for kids.  Just go to the LEGO Club sign up page.  Once you fill out your information, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you that you must respond to in order to get the magazine. LEGO Club membership includes free copies of LEGO Club Magazine or LEGO Club Jr. depending on the member’s age. Your child will get 5 magazines a year. Visit their website for complete rules and information.

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Some things you may like to know about the magazine:

  • The magazine is packed full of comics, activities, LEGO® fan creations and building tips
  • You will receive the magazine 5 times a year and can cancel your subscription at any time
  • It is created for LEGO fans aged between 5-9
  • Were you a LEGO Club member? If so and you or your child are aged between 5-9 years, your subscription is automatically updated and you will be getting the new LEGO Life Magazine!

They ask that you please wait 6 to 14 weeks for delivery of  first mailing. I signed my kids up for the magazine and they cannot wait to get it!  The magazine is full of lots of fun stuff for them and should keep them busy for awhile. I will update this post once they get their magazine and let you know how they liked it!

Leave a comment telling us how your kids liked theirs.

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Free LEGO Club Magazine Subscription

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